Marty Green - Game Programmer

Current/Recent - Personal Projects

Boomer Shooter - Unreal 5

I am currently working on a C++ arena based Boomer Shooter in Unreal Engine 5. This is a learning project to get to grips with the engine and learn more features.

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Light Gun - Unity

A solo project that has involved making a VR & Non-VR arcade. You can walk around and play custom built light gun games. I used this game to learn new skills in blender, texture creation and light gun mechanics.

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Pixel Engine C++

A lightweight pixel art engine that uses only a screen buffer of pixel's to render. All the rendering is done myself by directly writing to the screen buffer. No External Graphics API's were used. Supports WebGL using C++, audio, input and animations.

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The Turf - Unity

This was my solo attempt at creating a Commercial Indie Game. I worked on it for around 4-5 months full-time but later went back to a job and didn't get around to fully completing it due to some time & design issues. All the assets, code, audio was custom made by me.

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Digital Paintings - Hobby