Marty Green - Game Programmer

Quick Overview

I have been creating games in the industry since 2013. I have shipped many titles across a wide range of platforms such as Switch, PS4, Xbox, Meta, Mobile and PC.

I am very experienced in Unity 3D and creating Custom C++ Engines from scratch. I am currently expanding my UE5 knowledge .

Advanced Skills: C++, Unity, Gameplay, High Level Physics, UI, Audio, Engines, Optimiziation, Debugging, Porting
Intermediate Skills: Rendering, Shaders, AI, Tools
Currently Learning: Unreal Engine, Premake


Senior Programmer

Astronimo - 23 
5 years

Platform: PC (Steam)
Engine: Custom Built C++

I worked with a small team to create a Bespoke Engine & Game in C++ from scratch. I worked on many aspects from the advanced renderer, gameplay, UI, audio, physics, profiling, bug fixing and more.

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Jurrasic World VR - 20 
1 year

Platform: Quest 2
Engine: Unity 3D

I worked on lots of areas of the game from interactions, dynamic cables, gameplay, optimizing, bug fixing and more. 

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Porting - ~16
2 years

Platform: Switch, PS4, Xbox One
Engine: Unity 3D

I ported games for RawFury such as gonner, kingdom, dandara etc. Nintendo  flew me to amsterdam to do a talk at Unity Unite  about the port to switch. I was one of the first indie developers to port onto the switch.

Unity Unite Talk

Micro Machine - ~16
1 year

Platform: Gear VR
Engine: Custom engine

I ported micro machines with a small team of programmers to the gear VR platform. I helped with optimization, platform code and bug fixing.

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Esper 2 - 15
1 year

Platform: Gear VR
Engine: Unity 3D

I worked in a team of ~20 to produce an oculus launch title using unity 3D. I worked on many aspects from gameplay, physics, audio, optimization and bug fixing.

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Ace Viral

Game Programmer - Mobile Games - 13

Platforms: iOS, Android, Amazon
Engine: Unity 3D

I worked to create a number of games both solo and in a team for many mobile platforms. A few of these games were batman hero run, farm all day, spin and angry gran run.

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